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United World Mission

Nick & Ginny Woodbury



TCC Background:  Nick and Ginny have been TCC supported missionaries since 1970, serving with United World Mission.  Nick is a former Natick pastor who spent many years in Colombia in leadership training.

What is your ministry? Director of Christ for Miami, a ministry of the LAM, Advisor for the Colombian Institute for Pastoral Education

What is your role in that ministry?   Team leader/ Director

What religious groups do you serve?   Primarily the un-churched cultural Christians

What age groups do you serve?   Adults – Pastors and Christian leaders

What is the country and location of your ministry?

In the US – the Greater Miami Metropolitan Area and Columbia, South America

What is the geographic area you serve?

Both the Greater Miami area and Colombia (Latin America)

Briefly describe your current ministry

As Director of Christ for Miami, a ministry of United World Mission to pastors and leaders in the city, we strive to promote unity of the body of Christ across denominational lines & ethnic lines. We encourage prayer for our community in order that people might be more open to the Gospel & that we might have a unified effort to reach Miami for Jesus. Our theme: “The whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole City.” I currently am a member of the leadership team of Mission Miami, which birthed out of Christ for Miami, and works as a ministry in City-Reaching.

As advisor for the Colombian Institute for Pastoral Education (CIPEP), I make periodic trips to Colombia to counsel the leadership of the Institute of some 10,000 students. Ginny & I lead a seminar each year with pastors on “Finishing Well.” I also help the Institute in promoting this ministry with churches & friends in the U.S.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

The celebration of the May 4th, 2017 National Day of Prayer was one of the best that we have experienced in Greater Miami.  Scores of believers gathered around the many city halls personally praying for mayors and other elected officials, as well as attending Prayer Breakfasts and participating in United Prayer Rallies.  What stood out for me, (Nick) was the opportunity, along with others to personally pray for our local mayor, a woman, in a public venue, as she had suffered a difficult personal tragedy with the suicide of a young son just months before.  She expressed her appreciation for the prayers.  Once again, this shows us the importance of prayer in the name of Jesus out in the public arena.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached. 

  1. Christ for Miami-As usual, we will continue to encourage united prayer and city-reaching efforts, working closely with Mission Miami. Since we will have our 22nd annual Pastors’ Prayer Summit on October 30-November 1st. We want to follow-up this challenge by expanding the prayer movement through intercessors and younger Christian leaders.  We have plans to periodically go out to the streets in Miami to publicly pray at key spots with other intercessors.
  2. CIPEP-The Colombia Pastoral training ministry continues to grow and expand and has recently launched a discipleship and training outreach to youth as well. As advisor, I will continue to counsel and help the director, Ubaldo Restan, through this important period of transition and growth.  The year 2017 has been very crucial for Ubaldo and the expansion of CIPEP.  As he has transitioned to Medellin working closely with pastors there, and plans to help 200 of them in “on the job training” the next three years.
  3. SEAN-Besides helping to coordinate the annual SEAN Day of Prayer, Nick is working to establish a solid relationship with the 18 Council of Reference members through e-mail and other means, thereby strengthening the network of SEAN study programs worldwide. Board members represent the UK, Asia, Nepal, Philippines, China, and Latin America.

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans, ages (birth dates), etc.  

Our 4 children are scattered around the U.S. and have given us 13 grandchildren