Wheels for the World – Joni & Friends

Cindy Leonard


TCC Background: 

Cindy has been a faithful and dedicated member of TCC since 1987, and we have supported Cindy’s work with Wheels for the World since 1994.  Gary and Cindy were married at TCC June 29, 1991 and Gary is the key to her work with Wheels for the World by getting her where she needs to go.

What is your ministry?    

Wheels for the World – Joni and Friends

What is your role in that ministry?  

I am the Area Coordinator for donations of wheelchairs and mobility aids.  I am the liaison between donors of wheelchairs, etc. and volunteers who pick up donated items.  I keep contact and pray for all members of Northeast New England.  Training and supporting new Chair Corps on how to do reports, receipts and organize collections…

What religious groups do you serve?


What age groups do you serve? 


What is the country and location of your ministry? 

USA; Wheels for the World is a Joni and Friends ministry located in California

What is the geographic area you serve? 

All of New England and ultimately the 22 countries worldwide with mobility aids we collect and restore.

Briefly describe your current ministry

As the Northeast Wheels for the World coordinator, the mechanics of what I actually do is being a liaison between donors and Chair Corps volunteers and to help them with whatever needs they have to get wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, and other mobility aids collected, and to storage facilities or one of our two restoration facilities. I also help with collection drives wherever needed and do Public Relations when and where needed.  I am in constant contact with the representatives in California who oversee Wheels for the World volunteers nationwide to aid in any new programs or ways of doing things and the ministry so that I may pass these on here in New England.

I simply try to follow Jesus’ ways and words about serving and loving and working to spread his word in any way the Holy Spirit leads me to. I have been very blessed and am very blessed to have such wonderful volunteers (family) to work for and with

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry. 

I recently received a letter from a woman whose mother had brought a wheelchair to a collection in NH in 2005! Her mom had left it her wish that when she died her wheel chair, walker, and 2 canes, be donated to Wheels for the World! Her mom passed away and the daughter sought me out not knowing if I was even involved still and her letter was sent to our old apartment address.  Thanks to Divine intervention with the post office I received her letter within a week of her sending it!!

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached. 

I have prayed for and asked over the years for new volunteers and this summer/ fall we have added to RI, NY, and MA!  Praises to God!  We even have one in Natick now!  But I still need more so I can do more Public Relations and have coverage for those who respond to donate.

I was able to get the word out more in this area thanks to the collection held at TCC in June; and media calls and posts on local web sites.  I had some response in donations from the web site posts (“Nextdoor” in particular).