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Lifting Up Liberian Youth

Mission Statement:  “Spreading the Gospel by meeting the needs of school children in Liberia.”

Lifting Up Liberian Youth (LULY), formally known as the Teddy Sayonkon Foundation (TSF), is now under the umbrella of mission organization D.M. Stearns and can accept tax deductible donations.

Lifting Up Liberian Youth is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing humanitarian aid to needy school children in Teddy’s native country of Liberia. Donations of school supplies, clothing, shoes, Bibles, and athletic equipment and apparel are distributed personally with messages of Christ’s love and God’s grace. Scholarships help support needy young students to attend Christian schools.

To support the scholarship fund, please consider a generous donation through DM Stearns MF (NO administrative fees are deducted): U.S. citizens who need a tax deductible receipt, please send your contribution payable to The D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 1578, North Wales, PA 19454. Kindly include a note “recommending” that the proceeds be granted by the Fund to LULY #246, followed by your name or signature. This extra step will insure that due process has been followed to make your contribution a deductible event under the current U.S. tax code.

Or visit the LULY website:


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Personal Statement from our Founder, Teddy Sayonkon:

Among my earliest memories is attending Sunday school at the Antioch Baptist Church in my native Liberia. Later, I was enrolled in a nearby Christian school, where I was challenged to memorize Bible verses and develop a closer personal relationship with Jesus as my Lord and savior.  It was 1986 when I had the opportunity to attend a Bible retreat camp that I took the next step and dedicated my life to Christ as a believer, as a “doer,” and as a giver. My studies at Carver Mission Academy in Liberia continued to propel my daily spiritual walk. I also credit my dear parents and our daily family devotions with strengthening and expanding my faith in new directions all this time.

The tumultuous Liberian civil wars lasted over fourteen years, but served to further build my faith, because it was God’s mercy that kept my family alive amidst the destruction and chaos around us. This was yet another turning point of my life, challenging me to leave Liberia to advance my education and find new ways to bring hope back to my community in Liberia as a missionary and benefactor.  That opportunity came in 2007 when I was accepted for enrollment in the University of Massachusetts. Following graduation, I was determined to reach out to the neediest back in Liberia with Christian love and encouragement.   I created the Teddy Sayonkon Foundation, and with the assistance of my church and other partners, have returned to Liberia four times to share the Gospel and distribute clothing, shoes, school supplies, and athletic equipment. I praise God for all that He has done in my life and the opportunities to give back to the children of Liberia.  It is my goal to continue to do this work and expand its scope, especially in view of the more recent devastation resulting from the Ebola crisis.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Mat 25:40