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New song for a new sermon series

Last Sunday we kicked off a new sermon series in the book of Romans, titled, “With One Voice: Glorifying God Together.” Throughout this series we will be singing a new song that ties some of these themes together – “The Love of the Father” by CityAlight music. We learned it last Sunday and you all sang it well! I can’t wait to see how God uses this song to encourage and inspire us during worship and throughout the week.

If you missed it, or would like to hear it again, check out this video:

Here are the lyrics:

James Ferguson & Rich Thompson

Lift up your voices and lift up your praise
Join with the heavens declaring the wonders
of His faithfulness forever

Sing of the victory, the hope of the world
The Saviour has risen, the Spirit has come to
bring us into love forever

We are the people of God
With the freedom of hope in our hearts
How great is the love of the Father

Lifted from darkness and into the light
The sons and the daughters are loved at a price our
God has made us His forever

This is the song of the redeemed
The ransomed and the free
Given life at such a price
This is love, this is love

And when the Father calls us home
And we see Him on the throne
Hear the voices sing as one
This is love, this is love

© 2014 CityAlight Music
CCLI #6635756

By focusing on God’s great love for us, we a reminded that our worship is not something we do to earn God’s favor, but is a joyous response to the favor he has already given to us. As God’s people, His adopted sons and daughters, we are free to worship him with joy and hope, with our voices lifting up praise to the triune God.

And our worship is not simply a recalling of past salvation, but also a forward looking rallying cry to the hope we have for the whole world. Christ has risen and defeated sin and death, and we want to shout that to the whole world, joining the heavens and all creation in song! Soli Deo Gloria!

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