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Conversations with God

Conversations with God – what does that even look like? Is this a one-sided talk when we do all the talking and He does all the listening?  Or is it a fleeting moment in our busy schedule when we pause to ask Him for what we need at the particular moment?  Prayer is a big topic that is given quite a bit of space in God’s Word: think of 150 prayers in the book of Psalms,  prayers by Moses, Paul, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Ezra, not to mention the Lord’s Prayer and the prayer Jesus prays for the disciples in John 17.  So many of them!

In our summer sermon series, “Conversations with God”, we will be asking some big questions. Why does God not answer our prayers sometimes? If and when He does, why does it take so long? And what about the times when we ask for something and the exact opposite happens?  The book of Psalms is a gritty book. It’s written for real life in the trenches with God and in this Present Evil Age we call life on planet earth.  If we are looking for a rose-colored perspective on prayer, we need to look elsewhere.  The Psalms provides help for everything life throws at us: pain, suffering, crushed dreams, unfairness, injustice, bullying, you name it, it’s all there. 

In authentic conversations with God, we may start by doing all the talking, but in the end, we know He always has the last Word. Out of our desperation comes hope. It always does.  Hope is not even found in whether we get what we ask for. Instead, hope is found in Christ alone, who is our solid Rock. Our unanswered prayers become the crucible, the place where we break through into His presence and comfort.  And out of this place of contentment, we are ready to accept and embrace His will for our lives, whether it aligns with ours or not. 

So, if you’re ready for honesty and real talk with God, come and join us this summer, either on Sundays or via our podcast or website (it works on the Cape, at the lakes up north, or anywhere else your summer will take you).  So enjoy all the rest and refreshment of summer, but don’t forget to check in with God and His Word, where true rest and refreshment can be found.

C-Tech Graduation Celebration

These are photos of the recent graduation and capping ceremonies that were held at C-TECH in Haiti.

Our congregation has had the privilege of beginning to develop a partnership with FEH and Gladys Thomas in which the particular resources God has given us can be used to promote higher education in Haiti.  In these photos it is possible to see some of the good results.  This is the first graduating class, so this is only a beginning for C-TECH.

Richard and Carolyn are expecting to travel again to Haiti in November.  This will be particularly for a board meeting of USFCH, but there may be other things happening then, also, since they are there anyway.  There are opportunities for solar power generation, education, health care and discipleship encouragement available.  We would welcome more volunteers with great enthusiasm.

The team that has been able to visit Haiti, USFCH, FEH and Gladys Thomas are thankful for TCC’s involvement and very excited to see what God will do in the future.

Serve 72

An all-church, community service blitz

June 29th, 30th, and July 1st

This 72-hour, all-church, community service blitz is an opportunity for our church to share the Gospel through word and deed. During three sessions of service and discussion, we will connect with each other and serve people in our community.

Service/Discussion Sessions:

Session 1: Saturday June 29th, 8:30-noon

After a 45-minute orientation of teaching and discussion we will split up into three teams and head out to local homes to do a variety of hands-on projects (yard work, home repair, organization and cleaning).

Session 2: Sunday June 30th, 2-4p

Meet at sites for prayer and continued work on local home projects.

Session 3: Monday July 1st, 2:30-5p

After a 45-minute orientation of teaching and discussion we will prepare dinners for Bridge House residents, and for those in need on Boston Common.

Bonus Sesh.: Monday July 1st, 5-7p

Choose one of three sites to serve dinner to our neighbors:
1. Pearl St. Cafe (5:15p at Pearl St.)
2. Boston Common (6pm @ Parkman Bandstand on the Boston Common)
3. Bridge House (5pm at Bridge House)
Those attending session 3 can coordinate carpooling options from TCC.

Sunday Recap: June 16th, 2019

Hello church! We post these Sunday recaps to highlight the awesome things God did each Sunday at TCC. Here’s a recap of our Sunday services and programs last weekend.

Last Sunday (Trinity Sunday!) was a service full of music and testimonies that reminded us of God’s goodness to us. We heard from Kevin Bauder who, having been raised in this church, thanked people for being fathers to him. He serves with intervarsity and you can read more about his ministry here.

We also heard from Fred and Kay Harrington in their video testimony. Fred passed away in April of 2019, but we had recorded his story to video two years ago. This Sunday we said goodbye to our dear friend and sister Kay, who will be moving to Missouri this week. You can see the video here:

Children Ministries Gospel Presentation

In LTA, we presented the Gospel message of salvation and asked kids to respond to where they are on their faith journey on a sheet of paper. We were thrilled to see many children desiring to learn and ask questions about faith, and three children wanted to make a faith decision that day. We’re so excited to follow up with parents and talk to them more about their life with Jesus. There were also several children who had already made the decision to follow Christ and want to grow in their faith. Praise God!

– Kate Mellon

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Sunday Recap: June 9th, 2019

Hello church! We post these Sunday recaps to highlight the awesome things God did each Sunday at TCC. Here’s a recap of our Sunday services and programs last weekend.

Family Day 2019

The highlight of Sunday was undoubtably Family Day 2019! We had a great turnout with many families and people of all ages coming out to connect and have a good time together. Thanks to all the folks that helped make that event a success, from setup to cleanup and everything in between! Here are some pics from last Sunday’s Family Day:

Pastor’s Note

Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit is the evidence we belong to Jesus, that we no longer live under the curse of our own shortcomings and disobedience to God.  Have you received the gift of God’s salvation in Christ?  As Keith Green famously said, to go to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than going to MacDonald’s makes you a hamburger.  The space and the ritual won’t save you, but Jesus will. By believing He has come to save from our sin, we receive the Holy Spirit and His Presence in our hearts. This is a decision every one needs to make and it takes place in one particular moment.

For those who have already made this decision for Jesus, Do you believe the world is your ministry?  Do you need a posture shift and see our church building with different eyes? The Presence of the Lord fills the whole earth (Isaiah 6:3) and this is where His ministers minister. David Gill, our former interim pastor, used to commission all the professions to minister in their respective calling.  Pentecost Sunday is a great commissioning service for all us in all our respective callings, whether inside the church (such as myself) or outside (the majority of our congregation). 

Finally, in this culture that seems so listless and without moral compass, let’s boldly ask God for discernment, according to His Word. 

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We also heard a report from our Haiti mission team who just returned from their trip last week. It’s so exciting to see our own members sharing their gifts of engineering and programming with our missions partners in Haiti! If you want to know how you can get involved reach out to Rich.

Being Pentecost Sunday, we sang several hymns focusing on the third person of the Trinity. Fernando Ortega’s version of “Come Down O Love Divine” was particularly poignant this year:

…no soul can guess His grace, 
till he becomes the place 
wherein the Holy Spirit makes a dwelling.

Come Down O Love Divine, Bianco da Siena (14th cent)

When we pray for the Holy Spirit to fill our lives, we can’t ever guess how it’s going to fill our lives or what it might look like. May it be so for all of us this week that the Holy Spirit would fill our lives and point us toward Jesus in ways we don’t expect.

Getty’s modern hymn, “O Breath of God” reminds us as we shared the communion meal together, that the role of the Spirit is to point and lead us toward Christ, the Word of God. “That we might know the Risen Christ” is our prayer.