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Note from Pastor Tom – June 18, 2017, Father’s Day

This past Saturday, our own Cindy Leonard organized and led a successful drive to collect mobility aids as part of her ministry with Wheels for the World.  There was a nice write up in the MetroWest Daily News last week which spread the word about the collection. Some pictures are available on our facebook page. Thanks to all the TCC volunteers who showed up to help!

Yesterday, June 18 and Father’s Day, we launched our new series “Summer of Freedom.” The early chapters of the book of Exodus don’t sugar coat the reality that we too need to prepare for the long haul in our battles against the “king” of this age and his shrewd attacks (Ex. 1:10; cf. Isa. 30:7; 51:9; 27:1; Rev.20:1).  The narrative of Exodus, from the “house of slavery” to “freedom” is a compelling paradigm and a mirror into our own journey.  We too are in servitude to sin and long for the freedom from its devastating effects (1 John 1:8).  Hope is one of the first casualties in these long-term battles with our own entanglements and unhealthy attachments (if not outright addictions).  However, the message ‘right out of the gate’ in Exodus 1-2 is that while God may be silent during our times of servitude and sufferings (which can also last “many days” Ex. 2:23), He is not absent: God hears, He remembers, He sees, and He knows (Ex. 2:24-25).  In context, these are all actions verbs with God as the agent.  Just as this new transition in the book of Exodus from a family to a nation (Ex. 1:7) is no less than an act of creation (“be fruitful and multiply” and “fill the land” Gen. 1), our deliverance is a promise God, “who never lies” (Titus 1:2) will keep.  Our job is to wait and hope in Him.  He may be silent for a time (perhaps too long in our minds, so we too “groan”), but when He speaks and acts, it gets loud real fast, as Pharaoh is about to find out!

In case you missed it, you can catch last sunday’s sermon here.


This narrative from slavery to freedom is shared in many cultures and peoples.  In the US, we have our July 4th moment, the French have Bastille Day, but they also have June 18, 1940, when General de Gaulle, in exile in London called on the French to rise up and fight for freedom. He was calling his compatriots never to give up (just as Churchill did) in the face of hopelessness following the stunning defeat and surrender of France during World War II. In his own words: “”But has the last word been said? Must hope disappear? Is defeat final? No!” 

Questions for the week:

Perhaps you have lost hope in your own struggles with persistent destructive patterns, or you have lost hope for others whom you have seen struggle. In what ways does the Lord want to encourage you this week not to lose hope?




2 Comments on “Note from Pastor Tom – June 18, 2017, Father’s Day

  1. Tom,
    Thank you for your kind words and support !
    I’m excited over the turnout both from TCC and the collection!
    On Monday it all goes to the restoration facility along with 60 wheelchairs in storage in Hopkinton
    Everyone in JAF CA is very excited . Did you see Joni’s Blog on us last Saturday? WOW!
    I am so very blessed!! 🙏😇🌹
    In His service,

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