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Notice of a Special Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday June 14

The meeting will be held in the sanctuary immediately following the 9:30A service on Sunday, June 14th, 2015.

 A special meeting of the congregation of Trinitarian Congregational Church has been called by the Moderator for the purpose of voting on a proposal from Facilities Planning Committee and the Board. Over the past few months, the Facilities Planning Committee has presented and discussed a plan to make sure our facilities best support the mission of our church both now and into the future. The most recent description of this plan, including detailed costs, is available online as is a letter from Pastor Chris explaining the need to simplify facilities.

 The goals of this plan are 1)  Simplify our facilities by keeping and maintaining only useful core buildings needed to carry out our mission, 2) Reduce the existing capital maintenance backlog, 3)  Reduce the on-going cost of utilities and normal building maintenance so this is not an excessive part of the annual budget, 4) Simplify work for maintenance staff, 5) Extend parking, 6) Provide a good working environment for the church staff,  and 7) Eliminate church debt.

The total estimated cost of this plan is $1,233,000. Fulfilling this plan will require fund raising and your support. Although details of fund raising are not yet available, we will not proceed with any step until funds are first available.

We are asking you, members of the congregation, to vote on whether you agree with the following plan.  We propose to act on this plan in a step wise manner only when funds become available in order to avoid increasing our debt.

1. Simplify facilities, reduce our on-going facilities cost, extend parking, provide a good working environment for staff (Estimated Cost $480,000):

  • Move staff from the Ewing building to the new building
  • Raze the parsonage
  • Raze the Ewing building
  • Extend the parking lot to where the Ewing building and parsonage were
  1. Perform deferred maintenance on the remaining buildings so they continue to support the church mission into the future and can realistically be maintained from the annual budget (Estimated Cost $580,000):
  • Complete deferred maintenance on the Bradford building used for youth services and meetings
  • Complete deferred maintenance on the new church building
  • Complete deferred maintenance on the sanctuary
  1. Pay down and eliminate existing church debt (Estimated Cost $173,000) 

Michael Coppock,  Clerk


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