Pastor Tom’s Note: Heal us, O Lord!


Pastor Tom’s Note
“Heal Us, Lord”

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In reflecting on the Las Vegas tragedy, Jeremiah 17:9 provides a sobering but apt imagery  of the problem: the human heart is deceitful (like treacherous terrain) and incurable.  “Who can understand it?!!” Jeremiah laments. How true! People’s actions sometimes can be so outside the realm of the rational.  But the prophet also conveys the absolute trust that God will (a “shall” of certainty) heal our sick hearts (Jer 17:14).   The healing will come to us through our trust in the Lord Jesus.

A healed heart also translates into a call to resist evil.   Jesus frames the call to action in the midst of tragedy (either man-made or natural; see Luke 13:1-5) in terms of repentance. Paul follows suit and views the manifestation of evil as an opportunity to “overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21).  The (true) story of Telemachus serves as an inspiring witness how one person with a changed heart overturned the violent practice of gladiator games in the Roman Empire.  Through his courageous witness, true to Ezekiel’s promise (Ezekiel 36:26), hearts of stones turned into heart of flesh.

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