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Pastor Tom’s Note – June 15, 2017

Dear Church,

What a great celebration this past weekend with the Pilgrim Fellowship (TCC Youth Group from the 60’s to the mid 80’s) reunion! Over 80 PF alumni gathered on Saturday night to remember together God’s faithfulness. Pastor John Ames, PF alumn, once Wayland High quarter back, and former missionary to la Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, led the services on Sunday morning. Pastor John’s charge from Acts 20:24, reminds us that a full life comes from a life ‘surrendered,’ ‘completed,’ and ‘focused’ on the grace of God in Christ. He, along with Dr. Rick Sacra (SIM in Liberia) who shared during our missions moment even brought back West African temperatures into the sanctuary as our AC compressors decided to give in precisely on Sunday morning! (Our Facilities team is working on the problem).

This week, we are ready to launch our “Summer of Freedom” sermon series anchored in the Book of Exodus and focused on Christ as our Deliverer. Paul in Romans 6 equates our struggles with guilt and shame to slavery. In the face of an implacable and ruthless master (Pharaoh of Egypt), the children of Israel suffered greatly in the bondage of Egypt. However, Pharaoh would soon meet his match and receive a front row seat experience in the might and power of the Living God to save His People. In the same way Jesus is calling us to freedom. For it is through Him alone that we can be delivered from the addiction of sin, guilt and shame in our lives. As the song says, “Let Freedom Ring!” only this time, it’s not freedom from the Red Coats, but freedom that is far greater and will last far longer than any earthly realm.

My prayer for TCC is that this will be our Summer of Freedom, that we all become spiritual ‘Minutemen’ against the ‘ruler of this age.’ In a culture filled with addictions of all kinds, only the power of God as revealed in Christ will bring us true hope and comfort in this epic struggle for independence.

In His Grace,
Pastor Tom

Thoughts for the week:
Is there something in your life that you want to be set free from? Many of us carry unspoken addictions, resentments, sin, or wounds that continue to hurt us. If you are feeling stuck or trapped whether by your own choices or because of life’s difficult circumstances, know that just as our God has the power to bring the Israelites out of slavery, God has the power to lift us up out of our slavery to sin, and bring us new life in Christ.

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