Pastor’s Note: Creating order out of our chaos

What Chaos needs a new Creation in your life?

This idea that Jesus is the creator of the universe (Colossians 1:15-18) may be hard for us to fathom, but one thing we can understand instantly is our need for God to restore order out of the chaos of our lives. We need Jesus the Creator to rebuild, re-create (create in me a clean heart).  What are the areas of your life where things lie in chaos (“formless and void” as Genesis says)? Maybe it’s the entire Christmas season that feels like one big chaos!  Sometimes nothing less than a creative act of God (ex nihilo, out of nothing) can restore the complete mess we’ve been heaped upon, and/or the mess we’ve created for ourselves.  God delights in new beginnings! This Christmas, tell yourself and others that the birth of Jesus is all about a new Beginning, a New Creation. Don’t let the chaotic and hectic pace of the season unhinge you.  Allow Jesus the Creator, The First-Born of all creation to manifest His power in your life! He is faithful and He will do it.


Further thoughts: Christmas as New Creation

For the 3rd week of Advent, we remember the birth of Jesus is the birth of the “First-born of all creation.”  Christmas according to Paul in Colossians 1:15-18 affirms boldly that Jesus is the beginning of “all things:” “He is the Beginning in the way God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning (Genesis 1:1).  Every gospel (=biographies of the life of Jesus) begins with the “beginning” (John 1:1; Mark 1:1; Luke 1:2; Matthew omits the word beginning but the genealogy points to his origins, Matthew 1:1).  In his version of Christmas, Paul says Jesus was actually at the beginning of all of creation because He was the creator of all things, in “heaven and on earth,” “visible and invisible,” “thrones [kings], dominions, rulers, authorities,” everything has been created “through Him and for Him.”  Paul leaves nothing out of Jesus’ control in the universe.  This is why the narrative of Jesus’ birth and His life is filled with divine and supernatural interventions, where God breaks into our realm to make Himself known, but also to remind us that He controls what which He made. Matthew 1:18-25 makes it explicitly clear that while Jesus was born of Mary,  He was conceived by God the Spirit because He Himself is God. The birth of Jesus is actually a Creation account like Genesis, but now it’s a New Creation where Jesus brings order out of the chaos caused by sin and death.  His birth is the Beginning, “the dawn of redeeming grace.”  As my friend Sean McDonough says, “He rules the world He made.”

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December 15, 2019  Rev. Dr. Tom Petter is the Senior Pastor.