Pastor’s Note: Praise Reports


Last night was our inaugural TCC Men’s Forum in Phillips Hall with our speaker Dr. Ken Barnes, (Ken holds the same chair our own David Gill, former interim Senior Minister at TCC, held prior to his retirement from Gordon-Conwell).  Ken spoke to a full house on the topic of “redeeming capitalism” (which will be available as a podcast in days to come).  The evening was part of a broader initiative at TCC to connect men together from our congregation and the community around topics pertaining to faith in the work place. We will have our next event in the Fall.  Beside the fact that the talk was fascinating, challenging and edifying all at the same time, another highlight of the night was great foods (steak tips and potatoes).  We are so thankful to John Bleuer and Paul Church for taking the lead in organizing the event and for all those who pitched in to help make it happen!

We continue to give thanks also for Cheryl Alexander, our dear friend and faithful servant at TCC.  In observing the remarkable progress she has made, her doctor has recognized the power of prayer and how it’s made a huge difference in the healing process.  We give thanks and praise to the Lord! (Ps 100) . Huge thanks to all those who signed up for the two prayer vigil and all the others who have lifted up the Alexanders during this time.

Blessings as we glorify God together and we ‘gospel’  (= share the Good News) our neighbors here in Metro-west and throughout the world!



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