Pastor’s Note: The Big Picture of Revelation

As we are in the throes of Revelation in this sermon Series based on the theme of the Return (to God in repentance, to worship together physically, and the Return of Christ), people often wonder, what is the Big Picture of Revelation?  What are good resources to consult to follow along the sermon series?

Revelation Resources:

Animated Story: Here are two narrated visual presentations of the themes and structure of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus (not “revelations” 😁)  by the folks at the Bible Project (part 1 and part 2).  Enjoy!  Reliable interpreters of the book would agree with the presentation of the Bible Project. It must be said that their language of “quarantine” to describe the final judgment lacks support from the text.   Also, it’s fair to say that there is good evidence John the Apostle wrote the Revelation; it’s not as open-ended as the Bible Project seems to say.


Video Interview: Here is a brief interview with Richard Bauckham, who talks about the big idea of Revelation. Bauckham is one of the foremost authorities on the book of Revelation today.



Podcast: My friend Sean McDonough has a podcast here that talks about the implications of Revelation in the work place today.





Good written materials to consult for Life Groups and individual study include:

Greg Beale, A Shorter Commentary on Revelation (He has a longer commentary that clocks in at 1245 pages!)

The classic by William Hendriksen still is a great read after all these years, More than Conquerors



For more in depth study:

Richard Bauckham’s own books tilt toward the scholarly end of the spectrum but are excellent.

The Theology of the Book of Revelation

His big study called The Climax of Prophecy is a masterpiece (if you can stomach the price tag of the book!)