Preparing for Summer Worship


Dear Church,

As we transition into summer-mode here in New England, it’s often hard to stay connected with each other and the church. With many of us traveling, taking family vacations, or sending students and kids away to summer camps, I want to equip us to continue to grow as disciples of Jesus wherever we might be on a summer Sunday morning. In the summer we also pause our regular children’s and student programs, and worship together for the first 15-minutes in the sanctuary. For some this is a welcome shift that allows families to worship together, but for others is a hard transition; parents might worry about noisy children or bored teenagers, and some might find their presence distracting from our time to connect with God. Wherever you fall on this matter, I hope you can join us in worship this summer as we build each other up with our singing and fellowship. Some of the most impactful experiences of worship for me have been seeing an elderly couple praising God in song together, or seeing a young child barely able to read singing “alleluia” at the top of her lungs. It is my hope and prayer that we begin to see a multi-generational presence in worship as a mutual blessing. “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts” (Psalm 145:4)

To this end I’m going to post a few reflections on this site along with song lyrics and recordings to enable all ages to worship fully. Parents can use these recordings to reinforce music throughout the week (many of you have asked already!), and all people can use this to better understand lyrics and melodies, so that we gather on Sundays, we can more fully know and mean every word we sing!

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June Worship Schedule:

June 12th:
9:30a & 11a services
Regular Infant-5th Grade “Live the Adventure” at 9:30a
Students begin in service, Gr. 6-10 dismissed to DIVE bible study at 9:30a
David Gill Preaching, David Spinale (Intervarsity) Missions Moment

June 19th:
9:30a service only
Regular Infant-5th Grade “Live the Adventure”
Students begin in service, Gr. 6-10 dismissed to DIVE bible study
Special meeting with AGORA search consultants following the service
Tom Petter Preaching, New Members Celebration

June 26th:
9:30a service only
Final Infant-5th Grade “Live the Adventure” program for the season
Students begin in service, Gr. 6-10 dismissed to DIVE bible study
Dedicating Kidsweek Volunteers
And finally, if you travel this summer, you can stay in touch by listening to sermons online

If you visit other churches (which I hope you do!) feel free to grab a bulletin for me. I always enjoy seeing what other forms of worship churches are doing, and is always an encouragement to know that we’re part of a big family glorifying God in our own ways.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Adam Kurihara
Director of Music and Worship

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