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Preparing for Worship, July 3rd

unstoppable artDear Church,

This Sunday, July 3rd, children will worship alongside their families for the entire worship service. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to join as the family of God as we celebrate the culmination of Kids’ Week and share communion together. Since even the littlest ones will be present this Sunday, we want to help them feel welcome and included in our celebration. For that reason we’ll use simpler more direct language in our prayers and songs. Adults as well may find the simple direct language to speak vividly of God’s grace and his  presence in our lives. We will also have drawing space on the bulletin and crayons available for children (or adults!) to use during the sermon, and invite children (accompanied by a parent) to the front left during the worship songs where streamers and musical instruments will help us worship God with our bodies as we make joyful music to the Lord!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016
“Led By The Spirit”

Songs we’ll sing together:

All Creatures of our God and King (TCC’s own Kids’ Week version!)| lyrics

Blessed Be Your Name | lyrics | listen on spotify
Love The Lord (GospelLight’s VBS Version) | lyrics | listen
10,000 Reasons | lyrics | listen on spotify

Many parents might wonder if their child should take communion or not. We believe that all who have actively declared that Jesus is Lord of their life and have committed to walk with him are welcome to share in God’s meal. For that reason, there is no specific age requisite, but do feel that children should be of age where they can understand the gospel and what it means for them. We encourage families to talk to their children and ask them if they have decided to follow Jesus, talk to them about the communion celebration, and reach out to any pastor if there are questions or concerns.

The first few rows on the front left of the sanctuary will be reserved for children and families. For parents of infants and toddlers there is a family cry-room available where you can hear the music and sermon adjacent to the sanctuary which can be accessed from Phillips Hall.

We are looking forward to this Sunday at TCC when we get to celebrate together as a family!  Join us!

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