Re-Parenting: A 4-week seminar with Dolores Marciniec

History matters to God and He has shown Himself to be One that takes the long view.  Family lines are often given in the Scriptures and their ripple effect through generations can be spotted.  What was true then is equally true today.  Our time together will show how formative our histories and experiences can be.  You will be shown how to construct a Genogram to see how your past has postured you to participate in your life, your marriages, your parenting and your relationships.

We all can be profoundly impacted by means we may not recognize and those things can change our life course and the legacy we leave. We will look at some of the ways that can happen.  What is unrecognized often remains unchanged.  Insight is often the launch point because once recognize what is learned and may be reflexive can be relearned and chosen.  As believers we are grafted into the family of God and are to be changed, transformed to look like Christ.  Some of our past lessons serve us well to be Christ followers and some do not. Together let us see how God’s Word and Power can re-parent us so that we can walk in a manner worthy of our calling and indeed be a new creation.

Join us for 4 Sundays in February, 11am-12pm. February 3, 10, 17, 24.

Please RSVP here in advance, especially if you have childcare needs.

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  1. I tried to enter the submission twice and each time as I began to type my name, that line would disappear so was only able to submit my email and cell phone.

    • Sorry about that! The website layout does seem to be acting strange! Fixed and replaced with a regular link. We got your registration! -Adam

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