Read the Bible with Pastor Tom

Read the Bible with Pastor Tom
Men’s Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 7:30p

Have you ever wanted to not just read the bible, but to learn how to read the bible, and how to study it really well? Our pastor Tom Petter is launching a new group for men to read the bible together. We will study and unpack the text before us as Tom draws out historical, archeological, linguistic, and theological themes, pointing us to God’s amazing work in the lives of ordinary people.

The life of David out of 1-2 Samuel and the Psalms offers a compelling drama of grace, mercy and tragedy, all of which belong to the history of redemption and the preparation for the coming of the Son of David. This bible study emphasizes principles of personal bible study and attention to some of the details of the narrative while at the same time keeping the big picture in mind and how the text applies to our lives.

Join us!

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  1. If you could let us know the chapter(s) Tom is studying each week in his Men’s study, maybe in the weekly newsletter, it would be nice for those of us that might like to follow along even though we are busy most Wednesday evenings. It would give us something Biblical to talk to other guys about on Sunday.
    Doug Sacra

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