Publicize your Ministry

TCC Communication Guidelines (2019)

As with any church of our size, there are many good, exciting, and missional events competing for time and attention. Here are a few guidelines for making your ministry or event stand out.

  1. Be Visual. A picture is worth 1000 words. Do you have a compelling image or graphic? We can publish this on our website, facebook page, wordpress blog, and print posters to make your ministry memorable. If you need help with this don’t hesitate to ask!
  2. Be Direct. What is the missional purpose of the event? People will find details when they need them, but capturing hearts with a compelling gospel/missional invitation is far better than simply listing logistical details.
  3. Be Consistent. When you create graphics and words to describe your ministry, maintain a consistent theme or message. Visuals, written words, and spoken words on Sundays should all communicate the same key points.

With these things in mind, please follow the link below to submit a communications request. Please allow 5 business days for projects to be completed.

Submit a Communications Request

Communications Process:

  1. If this is a one-time event, missions moment, or ministry spotlight, provide a short blurb (>30 words). Be sure to include the “next step” you’d like the congregation to take (i.e. signup in the lobby, visit this website, talk to me after the service, etc…). This will get posted on our various channels.
  2. If this is an ongoing ministry, write a longer blurb (~250 words), a few pictures, and a short blurb (>30 words). This will get posted on our various channels. Here you can tell a story, quote a testimonial, share your vision for this ministry, give more details, and conclude with a compelling call to action.

 Communication Channels:

When you send us your information and we will post it to the appropriate channels at the appropriate time.


  1. Website. Seen mostly by visitors. Slide graphics posted on the homepage. News articles also feed onto a widget on the homepage
  2. News blog. Constantly updated with latest events and ministries. Linked into website and facebook. Articles of any length, pictures, videos, etc. can be posted here, and can be linked from various other channels.
  3. Facebook. Links from the News blog are reposted here. Also a good place to send out reminders/updates. Visuals are important for the most engagement on facebook.
  4. Vimeo. Videos are hosted here and can be linked to other channels.
  5. Email Newsletter (Deadline Wednesday 5pm). Widest reach with good engagement. Short blurbs and graphics posted here and can be linked to news blogs for longer blurbs for more info. Less is more – people skim this so we keep eNews blurbs brief!
  6. Sunday Slides. Essential when giving a ministry spotlight. Slides are loaded on Thursday mornings prior to the Sunday service.
  7. Lobby Display TV. Slides here show on Sunday mornings and throughout the week in the lobby.
  8. Single Email BlastFor high level “all church” events only. A custom email sent to our distribution list.
  9. Signup form. Created by the office staff on wufoo and inserted into our website or linked in our newsletter.


  1. Sunday Bulletin (Deadline Wednesday 5pm) Short-form announcements here (>30words). Announcements run for no more than 3 weeks to keep the bulletin fresh. Some small graphics possible.
  2. Press Releases. Sent Mondays to the Wayland Town Crier and other local publications. Deadline is preceding Friday by Noon for publication the following Thursday. This takes a lot of lead time, so think ahead!
  3. Posters can be posted on TCCs bulletin boards as another reminder of your ministry.
  4. Great to have a hard copy brochure for people to take home and remind them of your ministry. For TCC internal ministries, contact if you need help designing a brochure. For visiting ministries, feel free to bring plenty of copies of your own brochures to hand out.
  5. Connection Hub. Place to put flyers/brochures for visitors to pick up.

Other Notes:

  1. Only one contact for each event. (Even though multiple people are likely involved in planning and serving ministries, there should be only one contact person for the announcement).