How to use Zoom


Here are some hopefully easy to follow instructions for setting up a Zoom meeting with your Small Group. Please read below and click on the preset up links. Feel free to call or email the office if you have questions.

Requirements: One person to act as meeting host, starting/ending the meeting. Everyone needs either a mobile device with the Zoom app installed or a computer or a phone.

Software to install: When joining the meeting, Zoom will automatically detect the user’s device and walk the user through any installation required. Sign in or account creation is not required.

Call setup:

Group leader- Click here to sign up for a Zoom account . After you sign-in, select “Schedule a Meeting and fill out the details, then email the invite to your group members. Join the meeting yourself 5 minutes ahead of time to start it.

Help Documentation:

Here are some tutorial videos for downloaded and using Zoom.

Limitations:  This free account is for groups of up to 100 people and a there is a 40 minute meeting limit.  If your meeting goes over 40 minutes, consider breaking it into 2 parts and reissue a new invitation for Part 2 of the meeting.