Season of Giving Shoebox Project

This Christmas season TCC is supporting the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham (ECAF) to empower and encourage the families they serve. The ECAF’s mission is to provide resources, early literacy and school readiness programs to young families in the Framingham area. Many of their families are young parents or recent immigrants but they are all hard working parents juggling the massive challenges of this year.  Remember, most children in Framingham have been doing remote school since March and families are stretched thin.  Our goal is to buoy their spirits and provide engaging activities to children who are lacking stimulation due to isolation.

Contact Becky Chen to sign up or at the outdoor project table this Sunday, Dec. 6th to sponsor a local family. There are TWO box options described below. Turn in your boxes to TCC on Tuesdays 9A-Noon, Thursdays 4-5:30P, or Sundays, 11A-Noon. They are due by Sunday, December 20th! 


Sponsor an ECAF family!  Pack a box of goodies suitable for the specific ages/genders/needs of the family. (about $10-$20 per family member).

Each box should include:

  • A winter/holiday (not Christmas) card expressing care for the family  We do not have names of the families for confidentiality reasons but you can address the card “From our family to yours”.
  • A specific gift for each member of the family. A family bio will be emailed to you (also, family bio stickers available at the project table) and will provide ideas specific to each family.
  • Please consider giving books (make note of the family’s language preference), games, and toys that encourage cooperative play between siblings and parent/child.
  • Gifts for parents/caregivers could include: cozy blankets, winter hats/gloves/scarves, tea/mug, candles, pretty dish towels, etc.


Arts supplies/interactive play box for children to use over the holiday break and within their parent/child virtual program.  Please pack your box with materials which could be used for creative play, education, and/or family togetherness. (about $25).  Option 2 Video

Suggestions (please include at least 5 of the following):

  • Children’s scissors/paper
  • Coloring books (not Christmas themed)
  • Markers/crayons/colored pencils (non toxic)
  • Watercolor paints/brushes
  • Play-Doh and cookie cutters (non toxic)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue sticks (non toxic)
  • Pom poms, pipe cleaners, stamps/stamp pads
  • Simple family games using numbers, shapes, alphabet, matching
  • Optional:  pack in a reusable box with a lid.