Gladys Thomas – Is there Any Hope for Haiti

Speaker: Gladys Thomas | Gladys Thomas, CEO and President of Fondation Pour Les Enfants d’Haiti, speaks about the current crisis and building a future for Haiti through healthcare and education.

Haiti’s capital city of Port-Au-Prince is disintegrating.

As it’s president clings to power in the face of the growing opposition movement, protests rage on. Schools are closed and  hospitals are running out of resources. There is little to no public transportation. Trash is piling up in the streets.

Join us at Trinitarian Congregational Church (TCC) on Sunday, November 17th, from 3-4:15 p.m. for a presentation from Gladys Thomas, President and CEO of Fondation Pour Les Enfants d’Haiti (FEH), as she shares about the devastating crisis in Haiti and the efforts to bring hope to the nation.

Back in 1981, Thomas, a young Haitian woman, began managing a small orphanage for 23 disabled and neglected children. Today, this “Foundation for the Children of Haiti” runs a hospital, school, orphanage and home for disabled children in Port-Au Prince, as well as a school and technical institute in Mussotte. During the 2010 earthquake, the organization’s Hope Hospital was served thousands of patients. After the destruction of many of the country’s post-secondary schools, FEH decided to found Institut Chretien de Formation Technique (Christian Institute for Technical Studies, or C-Tech) for students specializing in electrical engineering and nursing.

In this present crisis, organizations like (FEH) are striving to keep serving those in need. What are the challenges they face? How can you help?