Signs of the Savior – Advent and Christmas 2018

‘Signs’ that Christmas is coming are hard to miss: caroling, Salvation Army bell ringers, external illuminations everywhere.  Those of us who are in touch with our inner Grinch lament the fact that these signs appear earlier and earlier each year.  Halloween candy is still being consumed when everything has already turned red and green.

This early-start approach to signs is also God’s strategy.  Isaiah the prophet gave a 700-year period of preparation for the first Christmas.  The sign of the Savior, “Immanuel” (=God with Us, Matthew 1:23; Isaiah 7:14) is also accompanied by other signs:  the deaf shall hear and the eyes of the blind shall see (Isaiah 29:18; see also Isaiah 35:1-10// Matthew 11:5-6)

Are we blinded by the lights of Christmas so that we can’t see the Savior?

But all this advance prep time offers no guarantee we will recognize the Signs of the Savior. Are we blinded by the lights of Christmas so that we can’t see the Savior? Are we hearing the Christmas music and not listening to His Voice?  Are we busy walking about checking off our lists yet missing to walk with Him? Advent season is also God’s personal invitation to you and me to prepare our hearts for His coming and to receive Him.  If we open our eyes, the signs of the savior are all around us. This season, let’s bring our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to the services. God is still opening eyes that are blind and loosening mute tongues to praise His name.


Signs of the Savior

Advent and Christmas at TCC


Lessons and Carols

First Sunday of Advent (December 2nd)

9:30 & 11am

Signs of the Savior
Readings from Isaiah 9, 35, Numbers 24, Matthew 1, and John 1

Our annual Lessons & Carols service tells the story of our Savior with carols and readings from all ages in our church family. Our choir, worship teams, and student bands lead us in song as we all remember and re-tell the story of the whole world anticipating the coming of the King! As is our rhythm, this is a First Sunday Together, so adults, students, and children begin the service together. Children are dismissed at 9:50 am but the students remain throughout the morning for this special service.

Second Sunday of Advent (December 9)
Signs of the Savior: The blind see, the deaf hear and the mute speak (Isaiah 29; Zechariah in Luke 1:57-66)

Third Sunday of Advent (December 16)
Signs of the Savior: The Dead are raised and the poor have the good news preached to them (John 5:25-29)

Fourth Sunday of Advent (December 23)
Signs of the Savior: Great news of Great Joy (Isaiah 35; Luke 2:10)



December 5th & 12th

6:45-7:15 pm

An advent tradition that begun last year, Evensong is a 30-minute mid-week worship service centered around worship, scripture, prayer, and a short message. A great way to enter into the Advent season, and a wonderful place to invite a friend!

(See last year’s promo post) 

(See last year’s promo video)


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.jpg

Christmas Eve:
Sign of the Savior: God with Us/Immanuel the God-King (Isa 7, 9; Matt 1:22-23).

“…The blind receive their sight and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up, and the poor have good news preached to them. And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.” (Matthew 11:5)

5pm – Family Service with Nativity Drama

Our 5 pm family service, fondly referred to as “happy chaos,” is a telling of the birth of Christ from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Our narrators tell the story as our children bring it to life complete with sheep costumes costumes, sound effects, lights, and more. This is a short service (45m) so it’s perfect for the whole family!

7 pm – Candlelight Communion Service

We celebrate communion on Christmas Eve at 7 pm in the Sanctuary, with carols led by the choir and organ and a Christmas sermon from Pastor Tom.

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