Sunday Recap: June 2nd 2019

Hello church! We post these Sunday recaps to highlight the awesome things God did each Sunday at TCC. Here’s a recap of our Sunday services and programs last weekend.

June 2, 2019 Rev. Dr. Tom Petter is the Senior Pastor. 2 Kings 2:7-14; Acts 1:6-11 7 Fifty men of the sons of the prophets also went and stood at some distance…

Ascension Sunday is about seeing things from an elevated perspective. When Jesus ascended to the right hand of God in heaven, He also led the way so we too are seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:20-21; 2:4-7).  The ascension of Jesus and our faith in Him is a total game changer. It puts us on higher ground and allows us to see our lives and the world around us from a completely different perspective:  “We walk by faith not my sight” “set your minds on things above” are some of the many ways expressed in scripture (see 2 Kings 6:11-18) we can get a fresh and needed outlook on the challenges and persistent struggles of our lives.

First Sunday Together

We’ve finished up the year of “First Sundays Together” – adults, children, and students in the worship service together for the first 20 minutes. We plan on resuming these in September with the launch of a new ministry year and ministry theme (more details coming soon!).

We learned a new song with the help of our student band. Written collaboratively by songwriters Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Matt Papa, Aaron Keyes, Luke Brown, “Magnificent, Marvelous, Matchless Love” is pure praise; a meditation on the amazing qualities of God’s love.

New song we learned last Sunday!

Looking Ahead

Family Day

Don’t forget to invite a friend to Family Day!

We highlighted our all-church celebration, Family Day, and passed out coupons for us all to invite friends and neighbors! If you missed it contact Gail for additional coupons to pass out in your neighborhood.

Serve 72 – A special worship service

At the end of June, we’re kicking off the summer with an all-church, community service blitz. Inspired by our middle-schoolers from years past, we wanted to extend this project into the entire community so all can join in connecting and serving our community. We’ll have projects and discussion sessions on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday June 29 – July 1, and a special service on Sunday June 30th. Care for children 2 and under is available for sessions 1 and 3 – contact Kyle or click here for more info.

Summer Worship: July 7 – September 1

For the months of July and August, we’ll meet in the sanctuary. We see reduced attendance in the summer and want to keep the gym free for use throughout the summer months. The A/C is working this year so join us as we explore a new sermon series, “Conversations with God.” We’re going to examine the prayers of scripture to better understand the often elusive language of prayer. What does it look like to talk with God? What language do we use? How do we hear from God? If these are questions you’ve asked, be sure to join us this summer or listen to the sermons online or on the podcast!

Want to learn more about prayer? Join us for our Summer 2019 sermon series.

Our summer schedule is one service only at 9:30am, with children and students dismissed at 9:50a for LTA and DIVE Bible Study. Care for infant-PreK is available at 9:30a.

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