Sunday Recap: March 24th, 2019

Hello church! We post these Sunday recaps to highlight the awesome things God did each Sunday at TCC. Here’s a recap of our Sunday services and programs last weekend.

God, the Shepherd King

March 24, 2019
March 24, 2019 Steven Weiss is the Student Ministries Assistant.

Pastor’s Note: God is My Shepherd

The way David’s statement sounds, “God is my shepherd,” is kind of like hearing ‘Joe is my mechanic.’ I bring him my car, he fixes it, I pay him and then I go home. Yet, I do not believe that is what David has pictured as he says, God is my shepherd. However, if we look closely at what follows after David’s assertion about God, we find a completely different picture. God is actively a part of David’s life with four different actions in the following two verses; He makes me lie down, He leads (2x), He restores my soul. Far from a mechanic, David could not live without God as his Shepherd.
– Stephen Weiss

Stephen Ministers

We commissioned six new Stephen Ministers last Sunday. Pastor Tom and Dave Brooks, our Stephen Ministry leader, welcomed them, charged them with the call to service as Stephen Ministers, and prayed for them. If you are interested in speaking with a Stephen Minister for confidential support during difficult times, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ken Taylor

Ken grew up in New Jersey, and after college and 3 years in the Air Force, moved to Sudbury. He joined TCC in 1963 and has served as a Sunday School teacher, an usher, deacon, and on the Missions Committee. He enjoys traveling and photography.

Susan Foster

Susan lives in Wayland. and is married to Asa Foster. They have a son, Asa III who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA
Susan joined Trinitarian in 1991.

John and Dolores Marciniec

Dolores grew up in Atlanta, and moved to Boston in 1981. She and John live in Framingham, and have been at TCC since May, 2018. Dolores enjoys gardening and learning.

John grew up in the US and Germany as part of an Army family, and moved to Boston in 1977. He and Dolores live in Framingham, and have been at TCC since May, 2018. John enjoys astronomy, cars and music.

Marcia Gnagey

Marcia grew up on a dairy farm in Pa. and moved to the New England area in 1991. She enjoys her career as a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) as well as photography, skiing, sailing and horseback riding. Marcia has attended TCC since 2004. 

Gerry Levins

Gerry is from Philadelphia, moved to Boston in 1988, and is passionate about his vocation as a tax controversy attorney. Gerry enjoys exercising, reading the Bible, entertaining his two German Shepherds, and is most grateful for the Holy Spirit’s indwelling in leading him to TCC when he has attended since May 2018.

From the commissioning on Sunday we affirmed these words together:

Now, we ask you, members of Trinitarian Congregational Churchto open your hearts to the ministry of these new Stephen Ministers and to pray for them, that they may be effective servants of Christ. Are you prepared to meet this request?

So let’s pray for our new Stephen Ministers and allow them to serve us all.

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