Sunday Recap – Serve 72

Hello church! We post these Sunday recaps to highlight the awesome things God did each Sunday at TCC. Here’s a recap of our Sunday services and programs last weekend.

June 30, 2019 Kyle Smethurst is the Pastor of Family Ministries.

 What a weekend! Special thanks to the more than 50 kids and adults who served. We connected with 7 local families through yard work, cleaning and basic home repair projects; our team also prepared meals for the Bridge House (Local Christian Halfway Home) residents as well as 5 families in the community. And who could forget the Sunday morning worship service, which included 8 different projects celebrating the ministry year theme “Partnership in the Gospel.” Check out the pictures below!  

During the weekend we discussed many scripture passages that demand further reflection and discussion.

Questions for Reflection

As you debrief your Serve 72 experience with friends and family, consider the following the passages and questions:            

Luke 10:25-37 – The Parable of the Good Samaritan: Who is your neighbor and how are they wounded?

Philippians 1:1-5 – Living Out a Partnership in the Gospel: How is God calling you to “pray, give and go” in support of missionaries?

1 John 3:16-18 – Do you sometimes feel burdened by the needs of others? How does the Gospel free us to serve joyfully, even when those we serve are ungrateful and entitled?

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