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TCC Board Quarterly Update for July 2013

This is the second of four quarterly updates that the board is providing this year in the TCC weekly newsletter to inform the congregation about issues being addressed. It covers meetings in May, June, and July. Members of the current board are: Greg Allison, Deborah Dunsire, Kevin Johnson, Richard Lippmann, Jack Ohman, Richard Peck (Chair and Moderator), Amy Scott, and Chris Ziegler (senior Minister).

The board meets the first Tuesday of each month, takes time during each meeting for devotions and prayer, provides feedback on a monthly report by Chris, reviews a short summary from the finance committee, and works towards developing and implementing Guiding Principles as required by the church bylaws. A major focus during this quarter has been to develop a senior pastor evaluation process. The bylaws specify that the senior pastor evaluates all other church personnel, but the board evaluates the senior pastor. There have been extensive discussions between meetings and work by the executive committee (Richard Peck, Amy Scott, Jack Ohman, and Chris Ziegler) to define the spirit, context, and content of the evaluation and make sure it is practical and provides useful direction, support, and encouragement to the senior pastor. The current plans are to align the review cycle with the academic year and schedule congregational feedback and pastor self-assessment in June with a review early in July. This year, there will have to be an earlier review in the fall because Chris has been here for more than a year. The evaluation will include a vision for the church agreed to by the senior pastor and based on our mission statement “To be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.” Performance will be evaluated in the following four categories that support the current vision: 1) Outreach and Missions, 2) Worship, 3) Leadership, and 4) Congregational Care and Spiritual Development. As part of this evaluation, the senior pastor will provide near- and long-term goals for achieving our Church Vision. Details for the evaluation process are still being developed but there will probably be both an annual more formal evaluation and more frequent informal evaluations.

Some of the other items reviewed during quarterly meetings were addition of new staff including Kyle Smethurst as Student Ministries Pastor, Sherry Grace as Assistant Children’s Minister, and Polly Soares as Youth Ministry Intern. The board also coordinated with the finance committee to hold a special congregation meeting to extend the church’s bank line of credit for five years. That meeting was held on June 9th and the extension was approved.

At the most recent meeting, we discussed a detailed vision for the church presented by Chris with the goal of “Becoming a Disciple Making Church.” Such a church leads people who are not Christians to Christ when the congregation intentionally develops relationships of trust with non-believers. This vision includes a map of activities to support growth in people’s relationship with Christ both for new and more mature believers.

Meeting minutes are available in the church office from Debbie Wilson. If you have any concerns or suggestions about the board or important church issues, please contact any board member.

One Comment on “TCC Board Quarterly Update for July 2013

  1. Thanks to all who serve on this Board. May you be blessed for this service to TCC and God.

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