The Gospel in Life Course

How do you live out the gospel between Sunday morning and Saturday night?  How do youGospel in Life live out the gospel between the world that is, and the world to come?  How do you live out the gospel between mission and discipleship? Evangelism and justice? Cultural engagement and distinctive practices?  Between your Christian community, and the world around you?

Gospel in Life is an eight-week discipleship course focusing on how the gospel is lived our in all of life- first in our heart, then in our community, and then out in the world.  If you have completed the Alpha course, looking for an opportunity for next steps to take on your spiritual journey, or looking for a way to easily join a LIFE Group, Gospel in Life is a great step to take on your spiritual journey.


Gospel in Life will meet on Wednesday evenings February 4-March 25, from 7:00PM-8:30PM.

If you are interested in registering for Gospel in Life:

 – Register online here

– Contact the Church Office (

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