The Power of The Written Word

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At the end of his life, Martin Luther, who sparked the Reformation exactly 500 years ago this October, summed up his legacy this way: “I did nothing: The Word did it all.” For Luther, the Word of God in Scripture (the Word is Jesus Himself; John 1:1) was the proverbial spark that blew up the powder keg and changed the course of history.* Lenin, the spark of the other October Revolution exactly 100 years ago this year also had a very high view of the written word. Only this time, it’s the writings of Marx and Engels. He claims he literally fell in love them.

As we reflect on our own attitude toward the Bible, have we come to this life-changing moment when we literally ‘fall in love’ with the Word and accept it as it truly is, the Word of God (1 Thess 2:13)? Once Luther “got it” he simply couldn’t put the book down. He wrote 55 volumes worth of materials, but still said in the end, “I did nothing: I left it to the Word.”

May it be so in our own lives.

*For a very recent take on Luther’s life, see Eric Metaxas’ book.

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