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Update on 9:30AM Worship Service Location


Dear TCC Family,

Back in September the Staff, in consultation with the Board, made the strategic decision to move the 9:30A worship service into Phillips Hall. This move was in response to a call for a stronger emphasis on local outreach, and the need to provide adequate space for new visitors. There have been several positive observations that we have seen over the last couple of months. There has been a strong, welcoming environment prior to the start of the services. Volunteers have stepped up in many ways in order to ensure a smooth and seamless worship service each week. Adam has worked tirelessly in order to design and maintain a blended-style of worship, celebrating all styles and traditions. We have maintained a spirit and posture of reverent worship. We have discovered the full capabilities of the sound system in Phillips Hall to ensure that everyone can hear the service properly. These are all good and positive responses that should be celebrated.

Since we are currently in a period of transition, and the Advent season is upon us, we feel it is important to move the 9:30A service into the Sanctuary for the foreseeable future. We are looking forward to celebrating Advent in the sanctuary to experience the sounds, decorations and all the ways we traditionally celebrate Advent together. In the upcoming new year, we will continue to worship in the Sanctuary while we search for our next Senior Pastor.

Regardless of the location, style and method of worship, it is always important to ultimately remember that we are created to worship and praise a holy God. He is much more concerned with our heart for worship, than our song for worship.
God is not limited by location or style; he can be wonderfully praised in both hymn and chorus. May we all continually seek to worship our Lord in spirit and in truth together this Advent season!

Pastor Todd

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