Wheelchair Drive Update

Here’s a short note from Cindy Leonard, our Wheelchair drive coordinator:

Dear Church,

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the Wheels For The World collection at TCC.  Your generosity made it possible to give the Gift of Mobility AND the Gift of Gospel to children and adults Worldwide who would otherwise have neither, and most likely would be abandoned.  four wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, and three pair of crutches, may not sound like much, but BELIEVE ME, they ARE PRECIOUS!  Wheelchair parts are especially critical to restoring and building new wheelchairs.  March is Wheels For The World Awareness Month, and I ask you to continue to keep your eyes and ears open to finding more wheelchairs and mobility aids.  Actually, we need your help year round.  Networking is crucial, and any contacts and connections to people and places like Senior Care and Rehab Facilities are important, BUT don’t forget the seemingly unlikely places like recycling centers, yard sales, and dumpsters!  Together we can change lives around the world and literally lift them “out of the dirt, to seats of dignity,  and filled with the HOPE OF JESUS!  To God be the GLORY!

“He raises the poor from the dust, and lifts the needy from the ash heap.”Psalm 113:7

There’s still time to help!
WFTW is collecting wheelchairs all month.

Serving Christ together in His love,
Cindy Leonard
WFTW NE coordinator

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