2021 Deacon’s Fund Donation & Offering

Traditionally, TCC’s donations and offerings during Holy Week, and Christmas Eve go directly to the TCC Deacons’ Fund. During this COVID time, through the Deacons’ Fund, the church is fulfilling Jesus’ call to help those who are hungry and thirsty and suffering. As a result of selfless giving by the congregation, we have been able to respond positively to those in need and we are enormously grateful and offer heartfelt thanks for these generous offerings.

We ask that you to prayerfully consider giving to the Fund.

If you are using the on-line giving feature for your offering, please indicate in the ‘optional memo’ that it is for the Deacons’ Fund. If you are mailing or giving a check in the offering baskets, please write Deacons’ Fund in the memo line.

If you, or you know someone that might need assistance, please consider filling out one of the applications below.

Deacons’ Fund Individual Application

Deacons’ Fund Neighbor Help Request Form

Or you can go directly to the Deacons’ page for more information. You can email the application to the Front Desk at frontdesk@tccwayland.org , or drop it off at the church, and the office staff will make sure it gets to the Deacons. From there, the Deacons will contact the applicant directly.