New Summer Preaching Series: Turning Points


How do we prepare for turning points in our lives? Sometimes turning points are planned, expected and welcome. Other times, they are complete disruptions and intrusions that are thoroughly unpleasant.  This Summer we look at the disrupted lives of famous characters in God’s Story, all with great significance for us.  Among others, we will examine the lives of Nehemiah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Job, Paul the Apostle as snapshots of momentous turning points in God’s Story. These stories also provide practical help for us to negotiate our own turning points:

Dealing with career changes (Nehemiah)

The courage to sever unhelpful ties (Abraham)

A string of bad circumstances may turn out for the good in the end (Joseph)

It ain’t over till it’s over:  when the fun and excitement begins later in life (Moses)

Catastrophic turning points: Why do we suffer? (Job)

Leopards can change their spots after all (Saul of Tarsus)

There is one disruption the entire world will experience at the same time One Day: Jesus Christ will return in Glory to judge the Living and the Dead.  So the bigger question for you and me is, are we prepared to welcome Him or are we uncertain or even downright indifferent? Perhaps more to the point, are we actually prepared to face the one turning point we will all encounter one day: death?

This summer, bring a friend, neighbor or relative to TCC.  God’s Story, the Bible, is the one book that prepares us for all the turning points you and I will ever face in our lives.  And the confidence we have is that with the presence of the Lord Jesus at our side, and by placing our faith in Him, we will have the grace and favor to face them all.