Peacemaking: Article #4 2021




July 2, 2021

Q. What is it that the PeaceMaking Ministry wants to instill in members of TCC??
A. We call it…… “THE 4 G’s”

Article: Part I – Focus on G #1 and G#2
As soon as any of us recognize we are in a conflict, offended by or uncomfortable with another…..


They are not to be administered quickly nor lightly…. (it may take hours or days depending on
the magnitude of the conflict and our level of anger/hurt/bitterness.)

Part I will explain the slow and thorough process of the first two G’s.
Also, the overall importance of G#1…. how with all the G’s we refer to it constantly.

G #1: GLORIFY GOD in all that we will say or do from this point on.
(The greatest of all four G’s)

We will determine not to “revile for revile.” – I Peter 2:23-25

We will determine not to “stew and grow in anger.” – Eph. 4:26

We will determine to STOP and THINK

about Jesus Who loves us,
about Jesus Who died for our sins,
about Jesus Who forgives us.
about Jesus – kind and good and forgiving


STOP and THINK and REFLECT about our part in this conflict or offense or discomfort.
REMEMBER our own sinful contribution to this situation and we STAND and OWN IT!
We take the responsibility for our part, by confession to God and man.
Confession to God
Let’s take our sins to the cross. Let’s acknowledge our sin before The Father, in The Name of Jesus. With the encouragement and support and wisdom and guidance of The Holy Spirit – —
Before The Lord, we will acknowledge our sin.
Before The Lord, we will confess our sin.
Before The Lord, we will repent of our sin.
(if this is an habitual sin… ) Before The Lord we ask for deliverance of this sin.
Before The Lord we receive the forgiveness of our God.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness…” – 1John 1:9

Before The Lord we THANK GOD, for His goodness, love & mercy.
Confession to man
With care, respect and gentleness we acknowledge and confess our sin to ‘the other’ seeking his/her forgiveness. Often times, this is enough to cause the other person to also confess and seek your forgiveness. If the latter does not occur, simply thank the person for his/her forgiveness of us.
THIS ENCOUNTER WAS SOLELY to “get the log out of our own eye.”

END OF Article: Part I, Focus – G#1 and G#2

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