Worship Service Changes Through January 31, 2021

Dear Church,

Beginning Sunday, January 3, 2021, all January services will be IN-DOOR, LIVE-STREAM ONLY. The staff will re-access mid-January to look at beginning out-door services in February.

Registration is required to attend

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2021 TCC Outreach

Prayer Requests

We ask for your continued prayer for guidance and discernment as we prepare for the new year. We also ask for prayer for this upcoming year’s budget and Annual Report. Jesus is the CEO / CFO / COO of TCC, and we are eager to hear from him and what he wants for this church and each individual member. That happens only through continued prayer and petition.

We continue to follow COVID trends, and are watching the Wayland / Sudbury areas closely. Please bring your personal chairs, blankets and wear your masks.  Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines the church has put in place. We want everyone who attends these outdoor services to feel as safe as possible.

To read more about regulations and rationale you can click here